Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Update And Apology

Hello readers. I suppose I should start with an apology and maybe and explanation, as to where I've been for the past two weeks or so. I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much lately. I haven't really had the time, or been able to get my head in the right place, as I've been going through some tough home problems lately. I do, however, have some ideas for entries that I hope to get out soon. I am also open to suggestions so, if you have anything you would like me to write about you can tell me in a comment or contact me through Facebook.

I do try to draft ideas whenever I get the chance. It's just been a bit hard to get out the finished product. Also, I will be on holidays next week so I may not get to write as much as I'd like. On the plus side, I may be vlogging the trip so, look out for that. Also I now have a Tumblr account so, if you'd like you can check that out here. Here is a taste of what you will see there;

I don't think you could stay mad at me for posting that, could you?

I hope you enjoyed this little update thing. If you could enjoy it. Also, I've hit over 600 views which is pretty insane and unexpected for a blog like mine. I would just like to say a huge thanks to whoever is reading this. I know I have like five readers. I honestly don't know who the rest of you are. Unless my friends are just being nice and refreshing the page. I have no idea.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lake Blogging

This entry was written yesterday at the edge of Lough Rea. Fun.


It's hot. There's water everywhere. People are lying out in the sun. It's like Hawaii. It's not Hawaii though, it's Ireland. People look forward to this event every year. The one week of sun and heat, brings people together for BBQs, trips to the beach and last minute holidays. Everyone loves the sun. Not me though. I was dragged to this lakeside against my will. It was nice at first. Clean water, snorkeling, boogie boarding. It was quite delightful. Then the sun came out...

For anyone who didn't know, the sun and I don't have a very nice relationship. He always seems to pick on me. To avoid the torture of being burnt alive, (damn this semi ginger hair I have some how obtained) I got out of the water and ate. And ate.

So now, to avoid pure boredom, I am drafting my next blog. On my phone. *professional*. Everyone else is having fun in the sun, and I'm here wrapped up in a blanket, writing. I can barely see my screen, yet all I can think about is how much I would love a big, greasy, dirty burger. Do I ever think of anything else? I just hope that we don't get attacked by terrorists or something because, the dreaded pins and needles have struck. For the 9th time today.


Friday, 5 July 2013

Sleepy Blog

I'm in the mood to write so, God only knows how this will turn out. It is currently 12:12 am, and I've just made one of my childish, "when the hour matches the minute", wishes. (10:10, 11:11 etc). I always used to wish for the same thing, over and over. Now, I have decided to change the wish that I had been asking for, for the past 4 years. Now all I wish for is simply to be happy. I wish that that my year of being 17, will be much better than my year of being 16. The ages of 15 and 16 were quiet horrible, to be honest. Each full with, death, heartbreak and lost friends. On the bright side, I don't feel trapped as I had before. I am enjoying exposing myself to new people and experiences. Little things like, attempting to colour my hair with pastels or trying a new genre of games than what I'd be used to, have made life just a little bit sweeter for me.

I don't know if this sleepy blog is really going anywhere, or if it even makes sense. I probably should be sleeping, but the urge to write consumed me. That is something that happens a lot lately. The urge to get my ideas down on paper distracts me from doing other things, but I'm too lazy to actually get a pen, and physically write it. Or type it. I feel like my imagination is wasted on me and should have been given to someone with more enthusiasm or energy. Then again, my imagination is the only thing I really can rely on to keep me going. I've started to realize, that the people who you look up to and respect the most, will not always stick by you forever. Some times they just seem to vanish. Whether it's caused by me, themselves or some greater power, is beyond my knowledge.

For some reason, I've just found myself reading facts about beards. Apparently, stroking your beard increases concentration and your ability to remember things. Interesting.

Completely off topic but, I found that amusing.

And on that note, I believe it's time for bed. Ciao. Or should I say Chao? (If you get that, I love you)


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dear Girls..

Dear girls,

In case there was any confusion, I too am a member of the female gender. Although, I am proud to be a girl and encourage all other girls to be proud of themselves, our gender has a pretty stupid way of thinking. A lot of you will probably disagree but, I would like to share my view on my generation of females. The following are just things that I have noticed about myself and the female world, I am forever trapped in.

I've spent a majority of my life hanging out with the male species, and I've learned that they are pretty stupid. (no offence). So girls, please answer me this; when you like a boy, why do you pay attention to every other male on the planet besides the one you like? You then complain that you never get to talk to him or spend time with him. How do you expect him to know your interested if you completely blank him? I tend to do this too, and I don't know why. Also, I've seen girls belittle the crap out of boys they like. Why? Why are you trying to make him hate you? Also, why are you openly cavorting with other boys right in front of him? Seriously, I don't understand this. I'm trying to look at this from the point of view of a male, and it makes no sense to me. Even I do it and its a complete enigma to me.

So, you want people to respect you and like you for who you are? Then stop whoring yourself out. Girls in first year, stop letting boys take advantage of you. It's not cool, it's not sexy, you're 12. It's fucked up. If you want people to like you, stop making your face look like the inside of a Doritos bag. Stop acting drunk. Stop saying how you're so "in love" with your boyfriend of 2 days.

Girls, if you do have a boyfriend and if you decide you want to break up with him, don't start using other boys to try make him jealous. You've decided you no longer want him in your life. Stop flirting with someone else's boyfriend and hanging out with other guys and posting the pictures on Facebook. If he dumped you, he probably doesn't care. If you decide that you made a mistake and you want to get back together, fair enough, but don't make up and break up more than 3 times in a month. That's the unwritten rule. 3 times is pushing it as it is. Then you wonder why no one will take your relationship seriously. How can they take it seriously if you don't?

Ah, that little rant was fun. Haters come at me! Oh, and one more thing; fuck off with the ask.fm and the "omg I'm so ugly" pictures.

Have a smashing day ;)